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Virtual Interviews

Virtual Interviews

Posted on 1 July 2020 by Claire Summerfield

Ready to hire but still working remotely? Virtual interviews are fast becoming the norm and as the interviewer you are representing and selling your company during an online interview. Knowing how to effectively conduct a video interview will ensure that you are leaving candidates with a positive impression of both you and your company and increasing your chances of making an amazing hire!

Here are our top tips for virtual interviews…

Check your tech

  • Check that your equipment is working. Microphone, speakers and camera all set up? Check that your internet connection is ok and make sure that you’re not downloading or running any updates at the same time.
  • Do a trial run if possible to check if everything is running properly

Be prepared

  • Send the link to the meeting in plenty of time and make sure it’s been received. If you’ve had to change the time/date make sure that the invite/link has been resent.
  • Have the CV/Portfolio/Presentation of the candidate to hand and ensure you’ve had time before the interview to re-read and review their details.
  • Log in early and check that everything is working.

Minimise your distractions

  • Turn off your emails, any updates on your laptop and turn off your mobile – it’s easy to get distracted by alerts and pop ups during an interview but your focus needs to be 100% on the candidate.
  • Be mindful of your backdrop – consider your position and lighting. It’s incredibly easy to get distracted.

Have a back-up plan

  • Even the best planned meetings can sometimes go wrong. Make sure you have the candidate’s email and phone number available to continue the interview over the phone if needed.

Tone of voice and facial expressions

  • Candidates are incredibly nervous before an interview and for many this may be their first virtual interview. As the interviewer it important to put the candidate at ease and demonstrate that you’re engaged in the conversation.
  • Remember to look at the camera, speak clearly and keep your voice calm.

Have a strong finish

  • A classic handshake can’t happen virtually but it is important to end the interview well! Be clear with the applicant as to what is going to happen next in the process and ask if they have any questions.
  • Thank them for their time.
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